Our Harvest Menu

Our Harvest Menu 

Locals is committed to producing products that meet the highest standards of food quality and safety.


Our microgreens are harvested and packaged in Washington, DC and delivered fresh in the greater Washington, DC metro area within hours. We are continually experimenting  with new varieties and welcome the opportunity to explore your specific needs.

Petite Greens 

Petites are sold as single varieties and mixes. More mature than microgreens, petite greens have more intense flavors and are great for making fresh herb sauces, salads, pasta dishes, and in soups.  They are especially unique with many textures, colors and delicious flavors. 


Rich in color and texture, our micro and petite herbs are perfect for enhancing the flavor and the presentation of mixed green salads.  They are also an ideal garnish for grilled meats and seafood, and dressing up veggie trays and hors d'oeuvre platters. We grow a diverse selection of micro and petite herbs that are the perfect addition to any dish.    

Custom Blends 

Our custom blends are specially designed with your food establishment in mind. This design process ranges from 1 to 2 months, and once designed will only be used for your establishment.  

Edible Flowers

Our edible flowers assortment is unsurpassed with gorgeous marigolds, vibrant violas, and romantic nasturtiums.  We are constantly experimenting with varieties to diversify our selection.  Add a splash of color to desserts ‚Äčand salads, or a finishing touch to hors d'oeuvres or other dishes.  Beautiful in appearance with endless possibilities.