Custom Blend

Custom Blends

Design WIth You In MInd 

Our custom blend is specially designed with your food establishment in mind. This design process ranges from 1 to 2 months and this custom blend once designed will only be used for your establishment.

Our grower and operations manager visits your establishment to taste dishes and/or tasting menus that you desire to have paired with a custom blend design. You will also inform our team of notes and flavor profiles you desire, and provide information on any existing fruit or greens pairing.  Customization might also include other desired features including color, nutrient content, or other features.

Once this consultation takes place, we begin cultivating custom blend. We then conduct focus/tasting group evaluations with the grower, a local food blogger, a mixologist, sommelier, local restaurant reviewer,  and our operations manager. Changes are then made if needed, and when perfected we invite you to a tasting either at the farm or your food establishment. Upon approval we move forward with the agreed upon custom salad blend, which will be used for only your food establishment.