Real Food Grown IN THe City FOR THe City 

By combining nature and technology, Locals delivers healthy, fresh, veganic produce to our customers.

The Locals Experience 


We grow and deliver high-quality, veganic produce to local food businesses and consumers. Our standards follow the ideal plant genetics standards of each diverse produce item we grow. We also cultivate our produce for taste.  We do this naturally through seed selection, and growing using only organic plant-based items.


Understanding our cultivation practices and overall company practices is of great importance to us.  First hand experience is always best. We have an open invitation for all customers to experience and tour our farm.

Food Saftey 

We value being your farmer, and go above and beyond to ensure that our produce is food safe.  Conducting ongoing research and continuously developing cultivation practices, and ensuring an overall safer food system from farm to fork is our practice and priority.

How it Works

One concept -- hyper quality control from seed selection to produce delivery.  We grow and deliver high-quality, veganic produce to local food businesses and consumers. For our fellow foodies, we have three amazing farm boxes to fit your lifestyle needs. If interested in our farm boxes please use our reserve your produce box link to learn more.  For our fellow food companies, we have a diverse harvest menu that is updated daily, detailing both what is in stock and soon to be released. If you are a fellow food company please either schedule a sample or refer to our harvest menu to learn more about our produce selection. Locals grows and sells high quality microgreens, petite greens, and signature blends.  With bright colors, distinct flavors, unique textures, and fresh aromas, our products not only add a stunning visual appeal to any dish, but also bring flavor profiles to the next level. We also offer custom blends for those desiring something different from the rest.  Used in appetizers or salads, soups or entrees, or desserts or cocktails, our greens and flowers are healthy, creative, and versatile additions.    

How It Works - Fellow Food Company 

Schedule A Sampling 
We customize private tastings based on current offerings and menus at your establishment, and our available produce selections. During this time we to get to know your needs, desires, and future plans so that we can answer any questions you may have and best serve you.

Pick Your Produce
Pick produce that fits your needs from our diverse catalog.  Should you instead want an herb or green not available we can source organic, non-GMO seeds, to accommodate you.  For produce entirely unique from the rest, a custom blend that will be exclusive to your establishment can be created.

Choose Your Frequency
We deliver three days a week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Same day pick-up options are available Monday through Sunday during normal business hours. We can fully customize your delivery frequency.

Hand Delivered 
Sit back, relax, and let the magic happen! Your selected produce will be hand delivered by a Locals team member, or can be picked up as soon as the same day, depending on your order requirements.  

How It Works - Fellow Foodies 

Pick Your Harvest Box 
We grow food in the city for the city! We have designed three custom farm boxes to fit your lifestyle. Our boxes are cultivated each month featuring a new limited edition produce selection or value-added item. Check out our shop now fellow foodies section to see which harvest boxes are currently available.  Our foodie boxes follow the same strict stringent guidelines as commercial offerings grown by our company. From the fellow foodie to the nationwide retailer, we spare no effort, and make sure that all customers get the full Locals Experience.

Choose Your Delivery Location 
Customers have the option for delivery to addresses within DC metro area, or a pick up at the farm where you can also enjoy our complimentary juice shots and meet your farmer. During spring and summer months we will also offer the option to pick up your produce at various farmers markets and popup events. 

Choose Your Frequency
Select from several subscription plans to accommodate your individual produce needs. From our classic month-to-month, prepaid 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans, we can fully customize your delivery frequency. 

Hand Delivery 
Now sit back, relax, and let the magic happen! Your produce box will be hand delivered by a neighborhood coordinator from our Locals team. Our boxes are ready based on your subscription selection, and usually  hand delivered the third week of each month, or biweekly the 1st and 3rd week of each month.  Orders placed after or during the third week are available the following month for delivery.  

INtErested IN Our Produce! 

Fellow food companies can get started by setting up a produce sampling.   

Grow Smart & Happiness Grows 

Your farm to fork connection just became that much easier!