The Locals Experience 


We grow and deliver high-quality, certified organic produce to local food businesses and consumers. We grow a diverse range of produce, with each crop selected to meet our ideal genetic standards. A labor of love, we cultivate our produce for taste and follow practices that increase consistent, high -quality sustainable produce. We do this naturally through seed selection, and growing using only organic plant-based items.

Customer First 

From our fellow foodies to large-scale retailers, we do everything with customer in mind. We take pride in giving every customer an individual and transparent farm-to-fork experience. 

Food Safety

We value being your farmer, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our produce is food safe.  By conducting ongoing research and continuously refining our cultivation practices, we make food system safety  our practice and priority.   

Follow Our Urban 

 Farm Life!


Locals is woman-owned and operated by a native Washingtonian running her vegan organic farm with the help of her family in our nation’s capital! See how your produce is grown with love, care and attention to detail, and the great work we are able to do for the community thanks to your support.