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Mini Medicinal Harvest Box

Mini Medicinal Harvest Box
Mini Medicinal Harvest Box

Subscription signup promo only $20 for the first month and $25 for following months!

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Mini Medicinal Harvest Box Subscription

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Be inspired to promote healing holistically with our Medicinal Harvest Box. This box combines rare herbs and rare microgreens that are known to promote amazing health benefits.

Harvest boxes change every month and feature a variety of our freshest in season and year-round offerings, that are sure to never be a bore. We personalize each box to fit your lifestyle and promote your desire health benefits so no two boxes are the same. In our Medicinal Harvest Box, each month you will receive a combination of four ounces of microherbs and microgreens that support better health, based on your lifestyle and phase, and a recipe guide for healthy meal planning inspiration, that is sure to fill you up and be mindful of your personal holistic health goals. Every subscription includes a complimentary invite to our members only pick up events.

All of our produce is grown using only OMRI certified for organic use plant-based materials. A bonus surprise harvest gift is sent and will change every month, as a special thank you from our Locals team to you .

Growing Information
  • Our microgreens are grown indoors on FDA approved growing rack, installed by our master new age farmer and founder. She uses only Omri certified for organic use veganic nutrients from US-based companies along with growing equipment that is not only approved for food grade materials but also for medical uses as well. She uses only Omri certified organic coconut coir as the growing medium from a US-based company, which is tested by our in-house soil testing upon arrival, during growing, and prior to harvesting of that tray. In line with our organic sourcing, we sourced only Omri certified organic and GMO project verified non-gmo seeds from an eastern-based organic family seed breeder who has been in the plant breeding business for over 20 years. We used only triple reverse osmosis water that is tested prior to introducing to the growing system. When cleaning our system out we only use food grade hose and filtered water that has been tested before each by our in-house water testing system. We also triple wash all greens in only filter water that of course have been tested prior to touching our tasty greens!

    During harvesting, we only allow harvesting of our produce from our New Age Master Farmer. She triple wash our greens using only reverse osmosis water. She then uses our electric microgreen spinner to dry your greens. Once greens are properly washed and dried she handpicks the greens for each container that meet our strict internal guidelines. You will notice numbers on your produce labels that are sperate from a date and weight of greens, this is an internal system for tracking all of our produce grown and harvested. This allows us to track down to the tray where your greens where grown and the seeds that were used to grow your harvested greens.

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